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Science Policy Around the Web – October 5, 2012

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By: Rebecca Cerio

Our weekly linkpost, bringing you interesting and informative links on science policy issues buzzing about the internet.

President’s Bioethics Commission Releases Report on Genomics and Privacy – Whole genome sequencing (sequencing of a person’s entire genome) is swiftly becoming more and more affordable and opens up tremendous opportunity to advance medical knowledge and give people a new grip on their own health.  However, there have been lingering doubts about how such intimate knowledge will be protected, collected, and used.  New guidance about issues of privacy, regulation, and public good has been released by the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.  You can get the whole report here.

Learn to Read a Scientific Report – This post on is tiny and likely overlooked, but it made my day.  Quick, easy tips that hit upon some important ways for the public to evaluate scientific information (and advertisements) that come their way.  (by Noah Gray)

Doctors just say ‘no’ to drug company studies – Drug companies routinely fund, produce, publish, and advertise studies investigating the efficacy of their products.  One audience is the general public, but a larger audience is doctors.  Do doctors take into account possible drug company bias when evaluating new drugs?  Yes, they do, and they don’t like it, says a new study from investigators at the University of Arizona. (by Jennifer Fitzenberger via

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October 11, 2012 at 4:59 pm

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