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Science Policy Around the Web – January 3, 2013

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photo credit: USFWS Pacific via photopin cc

photo credit: USFWS Pacific via photopin cc

By: Jennifer Plank

Our weekly linkpost, bringing you interesting and informative links on science policy issues buzzing about the internet.

Frankenfish on the menu? FDA gives final approval – AquaAdvantage salmon, a genetically modified Atlantic salmon also dubbed “Frankenfish”, has been approved by the FDA.  The AquaAdvantage salmon contain genes from Chinook salmon and an eel-like species called an ocean pout. The addition of these specific genes allows the fish to grow more rapidly. Atlantic salmon normally take 3 years to be large enough for consumption while the AquaAdvantage salmon will be large enough within 18 months. The approval from the FDA will be followed by a 60 day period of public commentary regarding AquaAdvantage salmon. After that time, the AquaAdvantage salmon can be approved for human consumption. (Marc Lallanilla)

BGI clears hurdle in buyout of Complete Genomics – BGI (formerly called the Beijing Genomics Institute) has been an active player in genome wide sequencing including playing an instrumental role in the Human Genome Project. However, BGI has been dependent on sequencing instruments from companies such as Illumina. Recently, BGI has gained approval from the United States to buy the California-based company, Complete Genomics, who has developed their own complete sequencing platform. With the acquisition of Complete Genomics, BGI will be able to sequence individual genomes without being dependent on other companies. (Ryan McBride)

Child support claim rankles sperm donor to lesbian couple – In 2009, William Marotta donated sperm to a lesbian couple wishing to have a child. At the time, the couple and Marotta signed a document stating that he would not be the father of the child nor would he be financially responsible for the child. Since then, the couple has broken up and fallen on hard financial times. One mother of the child applied for Medicare to cover the child’s medical expenses and the state of Kansas deemed the father financially responsible for the expenses. The state of Kansas is suing Marotta for child support and approximately $6000 for the medical care of the child. A hearing about the case will be held on January 8, and at that time, Marotta will ask for the case to be dismissed. (Kevin Murphy)

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January 3, 2013 at 5:05 pm

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