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Who are we?

Our contributors are scientists and science-trained professionals–many of them postdoctoral fellows and graduate students–based in the Washington, DC area.  We aim to broaden our discussions of science policy topics and encourage lively debate among scientists and the public on global science policy issues.

What is this site about?
Science policy…

  • …decides how science is funded (and thus, what science is done).
  • …uses science to inform other areas of public policy, such as environmental and health policy.
  • …concerns itself with how best science and technology can serve the public.

In the articles on this blog you will find discussions of:

  • scientific, health, and technology developments and how they impact society.
  • science funding, including how money is being spent and why.
  • controversies involving scientific topics such as gene patenting, drug policy, and evidence-based health care.
  • regulatory issues that affect how science is done and how it is used.

Some of our articles are opinion pieces, while others aim to inform in a more unbiased fashion.  Either way, the opinions expressed within are solely the authors’ own and do not reflect the overall opinions of this blog or other contributors.

Who is this site for?

Anyone–from student to Ph.D.–who is interested in…

  • …how science and society interact.
  • …how scientific discoveries and ideas affect peoples’ everyday lives.
  • …how science shapes policy…and vice versa.

We aim to keep our content accessible to everyone and thus inform and involve the public (scientists and non-scientists) in science policy issues.  Science policy matters affect us all!

We invite you to read, reflect, and respond.  Welcome to the conversation.




Written by sciencepolicyforall

August 19, 2011 at 9:21 pm

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